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Time (Cassia by JORD)

I’ve spoken about Time before. How precious it is, how quickly is passes. How we can wish it away one minute and then beg for it to stand still a moment later. It is the greatest blessing in life yet the ticking clock is literally measuring our moments left to come, which is why it is so precious. An element so important in life, deserves to be measured by the most beautiful timepiece, and Jord have you covered with their incredible series, ‘Cassia’, and they want to give you a chance to own one of these beautiful pieces for yourself. It’s so simple to enter, just click here and enter a few details

When I was offered an opportunity to help spread awareness of the incredible and unique watch designs from the lovely people at Jord I was so excited. These days, more than ever, I absolutely love advocating for brands that offer something handcrafted, with incredible designs and that offer a point of difference compared to everything else out there. These watches are definitely unlike anything else on the market, using a variety of different timber products to create these hand crafted masterpieces. (Shop all Womens designs here

My favourite design element is the seamless band on the watch, with a beautiful, hidden clasp which doesn’t detract from the beauty of the wooden band by having an exposed metal clasp. I’m definitely a ‘gadget’ person, and the hidden clasp gave me a little rush, because it’s different and innovative yet seems so obvious that I don’t know why this isn’t a universal technique. I love the really dark timber on the Ebony & Sable cassia that I chose, as it looks sleek and stylish with the black face and band creating a unique look. (Shop my watch here – These beautiful pieces can even be personalised with an engraving for yourself or as a beautiful gift.

The lovely people at Jord have offered one lucky person the chance to win a $100 gift voucher to spend on their own incredible timepiece. It’s really simple to enter and only takes a few seconds.

Enter via the link below, good luck x (competition closes 10th June 2018)

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